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Rob, do you have a list of competent service people that I might contact to do repairs for items you mentioned in your inspection report?  The buyer gave me a copy of your report.  Your attention to detail was superior to any I have seen done!  


Hi Rob.  I appreciate your thoroughness in this inspection!  Thanks so  much for all of your hard work, and I hope you have a Happy New Year! 


Rob, I just wanted to send my thanks for the quality of the inspection that you did. 


Rob, thanks for all the assistance!  This is the 3rd home we've purchased and 3rd inspection, and is by far the most comprehensive and the most professional and useful presentation!  It was a pleasure meeting you,  thanks again and good luck with your business.  I wont hesitate to recommend you or to provide you a reference if needed.

-Tom A.

Rob, the report looks great, very thorough! Thanks again, I will absolutely recommend you to friends.  Take care.


Thank you.  Great inspection, very detailed.  Thank you so much Rob!  this is awesome service!  I greatly appreciate it.  Have a great weekend.

-Ashley L.

Rob, Thank you so much for your hard work when inspecting our house.  We are very glad that we chose to get you out here ad it is amazing what peace of mind it brings us!


He was extremely thorough and certainly knew his business.  I wish we had this inspection performed before closing.

-Susanna O.

I appreciate the thorough job you did.  Thank you.


You did a wonderful job on this report.  I greatly appreciate your level of professional detail.  I will HIGHLY recommend you in the future.  Great job! 

Greg P.

Thanks for such a prompt turn around and a very comply report.  It easy t see why you are so highly recommended.  Feel free to use me as a reference.