Septic System Inspection $475+

All septic inspections are preformed by TCEQ licensed installers

Septic System Pumping 


Prices vary depending on system type & capacity 

Payment is due at the time of service. 

All reports will be generated after payment has been received.

Thank you for your interest in our inspection services!

Swimming Pool / Hot Tub Inspection $100

Full Infrared Inspection $175

complete analysis of the structure & components

Residential Inspections

Our Services

Pier & Beam Foundation $100

Fee for accessing crawlspace

Sprinkler System  

1-5 Zones $50

6-10 zones $80

11-15 zones $125

16-20 zones $175

21-25 zones $225

26-30 zones $250

Call for quote 512-797-5123

Additional  Inspection fees

2500 sqft or less $550.00

Inspection Including foundation level check 

Over 2500 sqft $0.22 per sqft 

Inspection including foundation level check

Protecting people, property, and peace of mind

call PPS 512.797.5123

Outbuilding (no living space) $100

Outbuilding/ Guest Home

(with living space upto 1000 sqft ) $250 

over 1000 sqft full home inspection fee applies

Commercial Inspections

PPS & Associates Pllc

Duplex add $250 to base fee

Fourplex add $400 to base fee

5+plex $100 per unit added to base fee

Over 50 years old $100

Over 100 years old $200